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True partnership with our customers made us triumph

NBQSA 2017
Award Winner

that lasts
We are working as one single team with our customers to create value for the end user.
Focusing on building long term relationships with our customers in achieving their short-term and long-term goals, Embla Software Innovation continuously strive to push the boundaries in delivering high quality products and services.
& Culture
We understand
that every customer and the culture they live in are unique.
How you see a problem and a solution varies from culture to culture, and from person to person as well. That is why we have a person who understand the culture and language of our customer. Our chairman, Stein Inge is from Scandinavia.

We also recruit Norwegian trainees and software engineers who is involved in product development and team building, so our team understand the customer as well.
Embla Software Innovation has been developing software applications since 1996.
When it comes to product engineering, we know what it takes. Understanding the Norwegian end users and their needs, and specially understand support, is key in winning the end customer. Let us together create yet another winning team!
Business Processes
Embla Software Innovation will not be your standard offshore partner.
We will challenge you on your business processes! We will say "NO" when something is not feasible and provide you with options on how it can be achieved.
Basert på flere års samarbeid kan vi trygt si at Embla leverer - vi er storfornøyde